4 Stylish Makeover Ideas For Your Home Office

With all the stress of daily life around us, for some working at home can be a challenge. Surrounding yourself with an inspiring space can help to lift your mood, ultimately making you more productive at home. Just because you’ve dedicated a room in your home to be your office, doesn’t mean it has to resemble a boring cubicle style work space. We’re seeing a huge shift towards non-traditional office furniture this year, and we believe you can achieve a professional and stylish work space using absolutely no “office” furniture at all. To help you take your work space from sterile to stylish, we’ve compiled four simple home office makeover ideas inspired by Laurel & Wolf designer, DeAnna Mackensen’s most recent office makeover.

Opt For Sleek Seating

Traditional mesh rolling chairs are fine for corporate offices, but a home office should be more personal. Bring a level of thoughtfulness to your space, by opting for sleek seating. In her most recent office makeover (pictured below), DeAnna Mackensen, selected a brass chair to match the clean lines of her client’s desk. DeAnna also used a luxe sheepskin throw to bring texture to the space. If brass or gold doesn’t fit your aesthetic, spring for sleek Eames or Eiffel style chairs.

Home Office Makeover Ideas: Sleek Seating

Image By Dustin Walker Via Laurel & Wolf

Say Goodbye to Bulky Desks

When it comes to home office makeover ideas, upgrading your desk is probably the most important and can make the biggest impact. Traditional office desks are bulky and can weigh down your space. To make your home office feel more light and airy, spring for industrial style tables or simple sleek desks without storage or drawers. We love the clean lines of this contemporary glam desk DeAnna selected for her client, and this look is easily achieved with mid century modern or architect style desks.


Home Office Makeover Ideas: Chic Space

Image By Dustin Walker Via Laurel & Wolf

Storage Can (& Should) Be Stylish

Since you won’t be relying on your desk for your main storage space (as we suggested above), look for more chic storage solutions such as sideboards and buffets. Buffets and sideboards are great options to keep your space organized while still feeling polished. The light, wood tiled buffet DeAnna selected for her client not only provides ample drawer space but also provides a much needed counter-top to place lamps and display easy-to-reach office supplies.

Home Office Makeover Ideas: Buffet Storage

Image By Dustin Walker Via Laurel & Wolf

Don’t Skip the Accessories

You should treat your home office just like any other room in your home, by adding accessories. From lamps to artwork, there are so many ways to mix in decorative decor into your workstation. In addition to adding an over-sized mirror, plants, vases, and rugs, DeAnna played with lighting to add a touch of glitz and glamour to her client’s space. To effortlessly compliment the gold tones and colorful accessories placed through out the office, DeAnna included a 19th-century Casbah chandelier above her client’s desk.

Home Office Makeover Ideas: Mirrors & Accessories

Image By Dustin Walker Via Laurel & Wolf

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Featured Image By Dustin Walker Via Laurel & Wolf.