Mirror Decorating Ideas For Every Room

Well-placed mirrors can add so much value and visual appeal to any room. Helping to trick the eye and add more space, mirrors can make your room feel larger and roomier. Beyond conventional placement in vanities and closets, mirrors can be used decoratively all throughout your home. From entryways to bedrooms to living rooms, here are our favorite mirror decorating ideas for any space:

Get Creative With Unconventional Shapes: There’s a time and a place for square or rectangular mirrors, but it’s not in entryways. Hallways, mud room, and entryways are an easy blank canvas to take advantage of with a whimsical and eye-catching mirror. Set the tone for the rest of your space as guests arrive with a memorable and well-designed wall mirror.

Mirror Decorating Ideas: Console Hallway

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Mirror Decorating Ideas: Entryway

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Use Mirrors In Gallery Walls: Gallery walls aren’t just for photos and frames. Incorporating decorative mirrors into your gallery wall display can add an appeal with their reflective, eye-catching surfaces. To make sure your mirror blends in with the rest of your artwork, try to choose a mirror that compliments your artworks’ frames.

Mirror Decorating Ideas: Gallery Wall

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Think Big: Though they shouldn’t be used in every room in your home, when placed correctly oversized mirrors add a wow factor to your space. Whether it’s a large round mirror above your sink in the master bath or a giant floor to ceiling mirror in your bedroom (below), oversized mirrors can help to make your space feel more open. For more inspiration, check out our top ten favorite oversized mirrors.

Mirror Decorating Ideas: Bedroom

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Four Mirrors Are Better Than One: Oversized mirrors are stunning but they often come with a hefty price tag. Placing four mirrors in a rectangular configuration as seen below, can achieve the same effect of an oversized mirror for a lower price. This same principle can be applied with three mirrors to replace one long horizontal mirror.

Mirror Decorating Ideas: Living Room

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Make A Statement On Your Mantel: Resting a mirror or hanging it over your mantel can be a brilliant substitution for a large piece of artwork. Spring for an ornate and decorative frame to make the biggest statement. If you still want to display artwork on your mantel, choose an oversized mirror so your photos and sculptures won’t block the entire mirror.

Mirror Decorating Ideas: Mantel

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