Blogger Inspiration: Interview With Morgan & Jamie Molitor From Construction2Style

Remodeling your space can be a painless alternative to moving to a new home. Room revamps can dramatically change the aesthetic of your home, and help you fall in love with your space all over again! When big projects seem too daunting to tackle, it’s smart to bring in experts like Jamie and Morgan Molitor to help you achieve your dream space. The husband and wife duo have a gift for transforming outdated spaces into modern masterpieces, and they share their projects and DIY guides on their blog, Construction2Style. We recently chatted with Morgan and Jamie to get their advice for staying under budget, to learn about her design process, and to hear more about the couple’s latest remodel, a spa-like master bathroom for a couple in Minnesota.

How long does the design process take before the installation?
“Depending on the homeowner, typically our design planning process takes 1-2 months. However, with this particular remodel the homeowners knew exactly what they wanted after having toured the Kohler Design Center. We put a floor plan together within a week and shopped for the finishing selections while construction was underway.”



What was your favorite part of this bathroom remodel?
“Between the earthy toned tiles, cascade coil shower curtain, wood wall, custom cabinetry, soaking tub, Edison lighting fixtures, Cambria countertops, it’s hard to choose one! However, we would both have to agree that it would come down to the custom woodwork. The homeowners wanted a wood plank wall for behind their soaking tub along with custom built vanities. We created the wood plank wall out of maple. We also custom made the vanities from maple, because they wanted a specific look with perfect dimensions that we were unwilling to find to purchase. The homeowners wanted the look of their bathroom renovation to match their kitchen and the rest of the woodwork within their home, all while creating a spa-like experience. I’m happy to say I think we did just that!”



How much does an average bathroom renovation cost?
“An average bathroom renovation typically costs around $20 to $25,000.”

What were the biggest challenges for this project?
“The biggest challenge we were faced on this project was to build a custom curtain rod for the cascade shower curtain. We had designed the shower in a shape that was unusual for a shower curtain rod. The homeowners knew they wanted this gorgeous cascade shower curtain that happened to weigh 40 pounds, so no typical curtain rod would do. Luckily, we were able to build a custom steel shower curtain rod. When it came to installation we were a little nervous being we had to drill into the Marble Crema tile and didn’t want the new tile to crack. Luckily for us, everything went seamlessly!”

What’s your advice for homeowners to achieve the most items off their wish-list and still stay in budget for their remodel?
“It’s all about keeping the material costs low. The first step of our process is to dream. We collaborate and dream big with our clients. Whether it’s walking through their home and talking about potential ideas or discussing their Pinterest boards and dream pins, we dream high with our clients and really think outside the box. From there, we see where we can get more inexpensive materials without sacrificing the style, feel and look.”

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