How To Style a Coffee Table

In the design world, there are very few things better than a perfectly styled coffee table. Coffee tables are a great place to show off your favorites things and cherished knick-knacks. To avoid the cluttered look, we’ll show you how to style a coffee table the right way. The best part is, once you’ve nailed these styling essentials you can switch up your display whenever you’d like depending on your mood. Here are our top tips for an instant Vogue-worthy vignette:

Start With a Tray: If you plan on displaying a decent number of items or smaller items on your coffee table, using a tray is your key to success. Giving your treasures a space to rest in, trays make a display feel polished and de-cluttered. If most of your decor is neutral in color adding a tray in a bright shade of pink or orange (like the Hermes tray below) will make your trinkets pop.

How To Style A Coffee Table: Flowers

Image Via Lonny

Consider Height & Texture: Unless you are going for a uniform minimalist approach, height and texture are your best friends when it comes to styling a coffee table. Choose a taller piece to display (like the deer sculpture below), and keep the visual interest going with textured pieces (like the round vase and flowers below).

How To Style A Coffee Table: Figurines

Image Via Style At Home

Two Tables Can Be Better Than One: Swapping out one large coffee table for two smaller ones is a great way to make a small living space feel larger. Helping to add more visual elements, two tables give the illusion of more space. The key to a dual display isn’t symmetry, but balance. Your displays should be different and unique, but remain equal in height and texture. If you already have a large coffee table you love, you can achieve this look by mentally dividing your table into two parts for each display.

How To Style A Coffee Table: Candles

Image Via The Everygirl

Add Something Living: Every well styled coffee table needs something living. Adding natural elements such as flowers or plants can help to add a whimsical vibe and is an easy way to bring color into your display. If you don’t have a green thumb, cacti and succulents are your best bet. They still add color but are much easier to keep alive, even for the most forgetful among us!

How To Style A Coffee Table: Flowers

Image Via DecorPad

Showcase What You Love: Though some designers have a recipe they like to follow for what to display (books, candles, flowers), we don’t recommend sticking to an outline when you style a coffee table. Simply display what you love and what feels right. If you are a book lover, display your favorite editions proudly on your table, or if you have an amazing paper weight or matchbook collection (below), that’s what you should show off. The quirkier the better!

How To Style A Coffee Table: Books

Image Via The NeoTrad

How To Style A Coffee Table: Paperweights

Image Via Katie Armour

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Featured Image Via Katie Armour.