How To Hang a Gallery Wall (The Right Way)

For art lovers and creative types, gallery walls can be a great way to showcase artwork in your space. If you have an empty wall behind your couch or in your bedroom, filling the wall with artwork can instantly add personality to your space. Though gallery walls certainly can add a wow factor to any room, they can also make a space look cramped or cluttered when installed poorly. With the right execution and a few of our helpful tips on how to hang a gallery wall, you can admire your stunning display in no time.

Tip #1: Choose a Variety of Sizes

When it comes to gallery walls, the ‘cookie-cutter’ look should be avoided at all costs. Even if you bought all of your artwork in one day, you can still give your wall a collected feel by choosing artwork in a wide range of sizes. Buying a few large pieces can help to anchor your space, while medium and small pieces can fill up the rest of the wall. Before you hang anything, we recommend making a diagram or laying out all of your pieces on the floor to help your decide the layout of your display.

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Tip #2: Consider Frame Shape & Orientation

Another great way to make your gallery wall look more organic and thoughtfully designed is to play with the orientation and shapes of your frames. Long vertical pieces can help to break up the monotony of horizontal photos, and vice versa at least one horizontal piece should be added to a grouping of vertical artwork. Another way to break up your space is to add a uniquely shaped piece like a round mirror or triangular frame.

How To Hang A Gallery Wall: Design Sponge

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Tip #3: Keep Frames Cohesive

We encourage you to choose artwork that’s varied and unique, but when it comes to frames a little uniformity can go a long way. Your frames don’t need to match perfectly, but it’s a good idea to stick to one color palette. We suggest choosing one color for your frames such as black or white, but if you must use multiple colors try sticking to two or three that compliment each other. Coordinating your frames makes your space look cohesive instead of cluttered, and can help to tie the whole gallery wall together.

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