Holiday Hosting 101: Build Your Bar Cart

When it comes to hosting, one of the easiest ways to step your game up is by having a chicly designed (and fully stocked) bar cart. Extremely versatile, a bar cart can suit your needs for any event, not just happy hour in the office (though Don Draper would disagree). Whether your hosting an evening soiree, a morning mimosa brunch, or tea in the afternoon, just shop and stock your cart accordingly.

Four Hands Element 52 x 18 BlackAntique Nickel Industrial Bar Cart2

Four Hands Element 52 x 18 Black Antique Nickel Industrial Bar Cart

Start With Glassware: Buying appropriate glassware, or gathering what you already own is an easy place to start. Depending on what kind of drinks you’ll be serving, select glasses accordingly. Flute glasses for mimosas, wine glasses for chardonnay, rocks glasses for mixed drinks, tulip or goblet glasses for craft beers, so on and so forth. Though some prefer to mismatch glassware, we recommend using a matching set. A row of uniform glasses will look sharp on your cart, and allows you more room to get creative with decorative details.

Four Hands Element 52 x 18 BlackAntique Nickel Industrial Bar Cart1

Stock Your Tools: Whether you’re making mixed drinks, or using your cart for a boozy brunch, you will need specific supplies. For mixed drinks you’ll want to have these items on your cart: ice bucket, tongs, cocktail shaker with strainer, jigger, bar spoon, straws, and cocktail napkins. For wine and beer you’ll want to stock: bottle openers for wine and beer, decanter, wine chiller, and cocktail napkins. For tea service you should have handy: a teapot, tea cups and saucers, dessert stand for pastries, napkins. If your bar cart is doubling as a hors d’oeuvres or dessert bar, plates and utensils are necessities.

 Add Some Flair:  Since you’ll be getting the most use out of your bar cart when you’re entertaining, don’t skimp on the details. A few decorative elements and personal touches can go a long way. Fresh flowers, ornate trays, and seasonal decorations are an easy and quick way to spruce up your cart. For more bar styling inspo, check out the carts below…


Image Via The Decoist


Image Via The Decoist


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