Outdoor Lighting Ideas: Porch Lights
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Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Porches & Patios

Outdoor lighting is just as essential to creating a well designed home as indoor lighting. Helping to complete the look of the exterior of your home, incorporating the right outdoor lighting can help to make a great first impression on family, friends, and guests. Functional and decorative, outdoor lighting helps light pathways and porches at night while offering a soothing ambiance to welcome house guests. From spot lighting to ceiling lighting, we have a variety of outdoor lighting ideas to help you brighten up your home’s exterior space in style.

Wall Lights

From rustic lantern style fixtures to polished brass wall sconces, wall lights are a great way to chicly light your outdoor space. Perfect for lighting porches, patios and other entryways, wall lights give off a welcoming ambiance to visitors. You can easily add symmetry to your outdoor space by flanking wall lights on either side of a door or window. Wall lights are also a practical solution to lighting an attached or detached garage or guest house.

Post Lights

Just like indoor spaces, outdoor spaces look more aesthetically pleasing when light is layered with different fixtures. Post lights are another great way to add another light source to your outdoor spaces. Post lights can light just about any outdoor area from patios to walkways to bridges and gardens. Post lights can add glamour and sensibility to impress guests along your driveway, or can add contemporary flair to spice up a poolside space.

Ceiling Lights

One of our favorite outdoor lighting ideas is layering light, but to do that you need a main light source in addition to accent lighting. From sunrooms to porches to enclosed patios, ceiling lights are a great way to add a main light source to your outdoor areas. Lighting exterior entryways with ceiling lighting can instantly add charm and a welcoming ambiance for guests and visitors. Whether you want your home to exude elegance or modern sensibility, with so many stylish options to choose from, ceiling lights can help set the tone of your space.

Spot Lights

Spot lighting or tasking lighting casts narrow beams of light that can help to illuminate specific areas you’d like to highlight in your outdoor spaces. From trees to flags to sculptures and fountains, spot lights can add curb appeal to your home by accentuating immaculate landscaping or outdoor artwork. With so many different finishes to choose from it’s easy to find spotlights that stand out or are easily camouflaged depending on your personal preference.

Path Lights

Decorative yet functional, outdoor path lights are a fantastic way to highlight landscaping and act as a visual aid to brighten up dark spaces. Path lights are a charming solution to help guests find there way along outdoor pathways in the dark and can add a romantic ambiance to gardens, patios, and poolside spaces. When well planned out and placed thoughtfully, path lighting can help to enhance the layout and functionality of your outdoor spaces.