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The Best Kitchen Lighting Ideas For Your Space

Along with bedrooms, kitchens are one of the most popular rooms in any home. Kitchens offer a place to gather and socialize with friends and family, and also serve as a practical space for cooking. Kitchen lighting is crucial to help add a welcoming ambiance to your space. There are many ways to layer lighting through out your kitchen from ceiling lights to island pendants to under the cabinet lighting. To help with your design process, we’ve compiled our best kitchen lighting ideas to help you find the perfect fixtures for your space.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas: Vaxcel Mission Flush Mount Light

    • Ceiling Lighting
    • Typically used as a main light source, ceiling lights are essential in kitchens and add a well lit ambiance to your kitchen. From recessed lighting to flush mount lighting and semi-flush mount lighting, there are many different styles to choose from. Ceiling lighting is versatile and comes in a variety of sizes and aesthetic styles. If you’d like to draw attention to your ceiling, semi-flush mount fixture are the best choice. If you prefer to have your ceiling lights go unnoticed to let the rest of your furniture take center stage, recessed lighting is the best choice.
  • Pro Tip: An easy way to make your space look cohesive is to match the finish color of your ceiling lights to the color of the rest of the hardware in your space. If you kitchen faucet and cabinet knobs are silver, a silver finish is the best choice your your light fixture to make the space feel expertly designed.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas: Chalk Washed Beachwood Pendant LightPendant Lighting
Pendant lights are essential in any kitchen that has an island. Island pendant lights brilliantly illuminate your work and dining space with their direct task style lighting. When hanging your pendant lights over your kitchen island, consider the scale and proportion of your room to create an overall balanced look. Island pendants should be hung high enough above the counter so that they don’t block the view of guests when standing around the island. Typically pendants should be hung 28″ to 34″ from the counter top, but sizes will vary depending on ceiling height and island height.

  • Pro Tip: To bring balance to your space, small to medium sized pendants should be hung above your island in odd quantities and larger pendants should be hung in even quantities. If you’re using medium size pendant you should hang three or five depending on the size of your island, and if you are hanging large pendants, two or four should fill the space perfectly.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas: CSL Eco Counter LED Cabinet Light

    • Under the Cabinet Lighting
    • One of our favorite kitchen lighting ideas and another easy way to add an additional layer of light in your kitchen is with under the cabinet lighting. Essential to help light up your workstation, under the cabinet lighting allows you to focus while you prepare dinner or a snack. Under the cabinet kitchen lighting illuminates your mixing, slicing, and dicing, and can add to your kitchen’s ambiance after the cooking is finished. To match your lighting with your cabinets, there are many styles and finish colors to choose from at LuxeDecor.
  • Pro Tip: Because cabinet lights are normally hidden from view, most people are unaware of the large variety of options available. From LED cabinet lighting to wireless under cabinet lighting options, there are many types available that can serve different functions in your space.