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Introduction To Interior Design Styles

Whether you’re decorating a new space or redecorating an existing room, before you start shopping it’s always important to have a specific design style in mind you’d like to achieve. From coastal to contemporary decor, there are several different interior design styles to choose from. To help you learn the differences between each, here are the main aesthetic design styles to choose from when decorating your space:

Contemporary: Contemporary decor can bring so much character into a space and can be a great focal point in any room. Contemporary pieces come in many forms, designs, and shapes, most of them looking more like works of art then furniture. Contemporary furniture and decor can brings a level of urban sophistication and chic sensibility to any room.

Tropical: Tropical interior design styles highlight the carefree nature of island life. Flora (flowers, palms, and banana leaves), fauna (flamingo, fish, and parrots), and other motifs are commonly found in tropical inspired spaces. Tropical decor typically incorporates natural materials such as rattan, jute, bamboo, and wicker.

Industrial: Combining elements from minimalism and rustic design, industrial styles highlight form and celebrate salvaged materials. Reclaimed wood and sleek metals are often featured in industrial spaces, combining together sleek and gritty aesthetics. Paired down the essentials, industrial style is bold and understated all at the same time.

Mid Century Modern: Channeling the aesthetic of the mid-1940s through the 1970s, mid century modern design has become widely popular in recent years thanks to shows like Mad Men. With a huge emphasis placed on design, many reproductions are made today of famous mid century modern designers’ work such as Eames and Saarinen. Mid century modern interior design styles focus on contemporary patterns, bold colors, and simple forms.

French Country: Combining old world charm with sophistication, french country design is fresh and elegant. French country design puts an emphasis on ornate detailing and trims, and highlights simple patterns and soft color palettes. Equal parts antique and modern, french country d├ęcor is truly timeless.

Traditional: Traditional interior design styles draw on authentic elements from the past. Inspired by traditions and cultures that range from Victorian to oriental styles, traditional decor typically features modern-day representations of time-honored, centuries-old European and Asian motifs such as intricate and ornate floral patterns, geometric patterns, and borders.

American Coastal: Fans of nautical and beachy designs will fall in love with the American Coastal interior design style. Perfect for vacation homes or even achieving the beach house vibe in a landlocked space, coastal style featured sand, shell, and aquatic motifs. Light and breezy, common materials used in the coastal design style are wood, teak, linen, and cotton.

Rustic: Celebrating simplicity, rustic design places the focus on the materials. From reclaimed and rugged furniture to animal horn chandeliers and light fixtures to wooden crates, texture is one of the most important aspects of rustic design. Drawing inspiration from the past, rustic style aims to be simple, authentic, and honest.

Transitional: Walking the fine line between modern and traditional, transitional spaces are blend the classic heritage of traditional decor with contemporary trends that are fashionable today. Transitional spaces feel timeless, and incorporate classic items instead of trendy of-the-moment pieces.

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