How To Clean Your Sofa
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Upholstery Care Guide: How To Clean Your Sofa

Though we’d like to think we can keep our furniture pristine forever, even the most careful households are bound to spill something on the sofa eventually. Life happens, you can’t prevent that, but what you can do is educate yourself on how to clean your sofa the right way. For tough stains, always play it safe and contact your sofa’s manufacturer for the most accurate cleaning instructions, but for smaller stains follow our helpful tips.

Read The Instructions. Yes, just like your favorite pair of jeans, most sofas come with cleaning instructions. These instructions are typically located in the original box, under the cushions, or on the bottom of the couch.

Never Rub a Stain. Blot stains instead, with a clean white cloth. Always blot from the outside of the stain and work your way towards the middle to prevent a ring from forming.

Test Cleaning Products First. Instead of spraying a cleaning agent directly on top of your new couch, test the cleaner in a hidden or less noticeable area first to make sure it doesn’t cause any discoloring.

Let The Pros Handle It. To keep your sofa in pristine condition, we recommend having it professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Do Your Part To Prevent Wear. Though you can’t prevent stains, you can do your part to prevent daily signs of wear. Rotate the cushions and pillows on your sofa every week to help extend the life of your couch.

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Featured Image: Universal Furniture Connor Living Room Set