How To Clean Leather Furniture: Four Hand Couch
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Upholstery Care Guide: How To Clean Leather Furniture

Last week we educated you on the biggest differences between leather and vinyl, and if you choose to go with a leather piece there are a few cleaning and care tips you need to know. When taken care of properly, leather furniture ages gracefully, so it’s important to keep in mind these helpful tips on how to clean leather furniture next time you need to clean your couch.

Clean Spills Quickly. Spills on leather furniture should be cared for immediately. Most leather pieces are resistant to water and liquids, so most spills can be easily washed off or wiped away with a clean cloth. If the stain persists, try using warm water and mild soap.

Make Time For Regular Cleaning Sessions. If you only clean your leather furniture when there is a spill, your piece will get grimy very quickly. For general leather cleaning, use a moisturizing soap and lather it on your piece with a soft cloth. This will help remove the dirt from your piece, just make sure you don’t over saturate the leather upholstery with too much water or soap. Dry or bloat with a soft cloth after cleaning.

Dust Weekly. To keep your leather piece as pristine as possible one of the most important steps in learning how to clean leather furniture is to dust. You should dust your sofa or chair about once a week with a soft, white cloth to avoid dirt and grime.

Condition Often. To keep your leather furniture feeling soft and comfortable to the touch, treat your piece with a conditioner every six to twelve months. Always test leather conditioners first in a small, unnoticeable area before apply the product to the entire piece of furniture.

Take Steps To Avoid Fading. If you are concerned about your leather furniture fading from the sun, avoid placing your leather pieces in sunny spaces or take extra caution by hanging curtains over large windows.

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Featured Image: Four Hands Carnegie Cigar Larkin Sofa