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Prints 101: Decorating With Pattern

Whether you are partial to paisley or plaid, decorating with pattern can be a great way to incorporate your personality into your interior spaces. With so many options available in every color imaginable, decorating with pattern is easy and the possibilities are endless. Before you start print shopping, take a second to familiarize yourself with the most popular patterns you are sure to come across…

  1. Decorating With Pattern StripesStripes: One of the most common prints out there, you’re probably very familiar with stripes. There are endless design options when it comes to stripes from color to band width. From skinny pastel pin stripes to bold contrasting black stripes, this print can be as loud or subtle as you want it to be. Stripes can help to make horizontal pieces seem larger and vertical pieces to appear taller. Stripes are a great choice for curtains, area rugs, and bedding/textiles.
  2. Decorating With Pattern chevronChevron: Commonly referred to as zigzag, chevron is a bold pattern made from rows of Vs. Chevron prints typically only feature two colors, with alternating rows. Chevron prints are preppy and playful and are perfect for laid back spaces or beachy aesthetics. Popularized by the luxury fashion  brand, Missoni, chevron prints are stylish, sophisticated, and whimsical. Beyond textiles, we love to see chevron used in flooring or tiling.
  3. decorating with pattern animal printAnimal Print: Animal prints are bold, exotic, and exciting. There are endless options to choose from when it comes to animal prints from size to color to width. Bold animal prints can bring a wow factor to any space. For a more understated approach, subtle animal prints can wow your guests as well. A contrasting black and white dalmatian print can add a feminine vibe to any space, while a subtle pastel giraffe print can add a urban meets safari aesthetic to your space.
  4. Decorating With Pattern AbstractAbstract: From watercolor prints to splatter painted surfaces, abstract prints are a great way to add urban flair to your space. The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to decorating with pattern and abstract prints is to match your prints with the large pieces in your home. If your couch is dark navy, look for an abstract print like the one on the left that incorporates this color to keep your space looking expertly designed and cohesive.
  5. Decorating With Pattern GeometricGeometric: Bold and graphic, geometric prints are great for transitional and modern spaces. Any print that isn’t abstract, floral, organic, or natural is typically a geometric print. Geometric prints are perfect for wallpapers and textiles like pillows, rugs, and throws. Geometric prints can be as subtle or bold as you want them to be. Soft geometric prints are perfect for nurseries or powder rooms while bold geometric prints can pop against a neutral colored couch.
  6. Decorating With Pattern PaisleyPaisley: A very traditional and classic print, paisley is a collection of tear drop like shapes in an organic and intricate design. Paisley prints take roots in India, and these prints have been around for centuries. Extremely popular over the decades, paisley prints remain timeless choices for everything from textiles to wallpaper. For modern or updated spaces, look for subtle paisley prints using white and one other light or pastel shade. This understated combination gives off a refined and sophisticated vibe.
  7. Decorating With Pattern FloralFloral: Floral prints are pretty self-explanatory, as these prints feature flowers. Almost as varied as animal prints, there are many different types of floral prints from abstract to realistic representations of flowers. Though typically associated with spring and summer, floral prints can be used all year round in your home. Great options for year round floral prints are oriental floral prints featuring cherry blossoms, or moody dark floral prints with oversized blooms.
  8. Decorating With Pattern DamaskDamask: A very traditional print, grand spaces like Versailles come to mind when we think about damask prints. This print features repeating abstract representations of everything from scrolls and leaves to flowers and fruit. Curly and ornate, damask prints feel right at home in traditional spaces but can also be reinvented to fit in modern spaces. Gold metallic or contrasting black and white damask prints can skew more modern, bringing an air of sophistication to your updated space.
  9. Decorating With Pattern IkatIkat: Though designers can’t seem to agree on the pronunciation of this print (we say e-kat), ikat prints are one of the most popular exotic prints on the market today. Hailing from Indonesia, this print resembles handwoven textiles and is typically achieved by tie-dyeing. Despite their bold appearance, ikat prints pair beautifully with many other prints. Mix and match an ikat pillow with other patterned textiles for an effortlessly eclectic mix.
  10. Decorating With Pattern HoundstoothHoundstooth: Though they were made famous by the fashion world, houndstooth prints are popular in the design world as well. This two-toned pattern is made from abstract four-pointed shapes that resemble a dog’s tooth, which is where the print gets its name from. Though this deconstructed check print is commonly seen in black and white, houndstooth prints are available in a wide array of colors to match any space. 
  11. Decorating With Pattern QuatrefoilQuatrefoil: Hailing from medieval times, we’ve recently seen a huge resurgence of this repetitive clover-esque geometric pattern. Literally meaning “four leaves,” quatrefoil prints are a great geometric spin off of floral prints. Just like damask prints, though typically found in traditional spaces quatrefoil prints can take a modern twist in updated spaces. Quatrefoil prints with more than two colors typically look more modern than two-toned prints.