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How To: Decorating With Lamps

Even the most well-designed and decorated space can fall short with out the proper lighting. It’s crucial for your home to have a balanced combination of task, ambient, and accent lighting to be fully complete. One of the best ways to achieve a space with beautifully layered light is to incorporate lamps. Decorating with lamps allows you to place light in areas where overhead lighting or sconces won’t look right. From table lamps to floor lamps, there are dozens of styles to select from when decorating with lamps.

Decorating With Lamps: Living Room

Choose Your Style: Just like you need accessories to complete an outfit, you need lamps to complete a room. Your lamp’s design can be different and contrasting from the rest of your furniture but the overall aesthetic of the lamp should feel cohesive with the rest of your room. Quirky lamps work well in modern spaces, while traditional shades and bases are best for classic rooms. For minimal or contemporary spaces, sleek and streamlined silhouettes are a safe bet.

Pair Your Shade With Your Base: Though it’s easy to overlook your lamp’s shade if you fall in love with its base and vice versa, it’s important to properly pair bases and shades to each other. A great rule of thumb to follow when it comes to decorating with lamps is to select a lamp shade that mimic the shape of the lamp’s base. Square shades will look cohesive with square bases, and drum-shaped shades will perfectly compliment round bases.  While this is a great no-fail rule of thumb to follow, there are exceptions to every rule especially when it comes to following trends. Currently in style, slim bases look stunning when paired with drum-shaped shades. We love this combination because it take up too much visual space but still adds height and dimension to your room.

Keep Scale In Mind: Keep in mind the location of your lamp when decorating with lamps so you don’t purchase something too big or too small for your space. A giant lamp will make any entryway table look small and puny in comparison, while choosing a lamp that’s too small will also make your space look disproportionate. The key is find the perfect balance, and to find a lamp that fits just right in your space. It’s also important to pay attention to the size of your lamp shade as well in comparison to its base; typically, lamp shades should be one-half to three-fourths the size of the lamp’s base.

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