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The Best Dining Table Ideas For Your Home

Dining tables are crucial pieces of furniture in every home. Dining tables are communal hubs for entertaining and they offer a place to share meals with family and friends. To help you find the perfect piece for your space, we’ve compiled our best dining table ideas to help you shop. From round to rectangular, there are so many styles of dining room tables to choose from and you’re bound to find the best table for your space if you follow our simple guide.

Dining Table Ideas

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Measure Your Space: Choosing the right size dining table for your space is extremely important. Choose too large of a table and your dining space will feel cramped, or choose too small of a dining table and your set with feel miniature and puny. A great rule of thumb is to leave 42 to 48 inches between your table and the walls, allowing plenty of room for you and your guests to get up from the table comfortably.

Size Matters: Almost as important as choosing the right size dining table, is picking the correct number of chairs for your set. Most dining sets and tables will list how many people can be sat comfortably. Never overcrowd your table. It’s important that each guest has about two feet of space to eat. Your guests should be seated without their elbows touching during the meal. It’s always better to spring for a larger dining table then to try and squeeze in extra chair when you have company over. Dining tables with extendable leaves are another great option that allow for more space when you need it.

Embrace The Shape: Though rectangular dining tables are the most popular, there are many other shapes available that are ideal for particular spaces. One of our favorite dining table ideas is to use a round table in a small space. Round tables have no corners so they make squeezing into tighter spaces easy. You’ll never bump into a sharp corner on a round table! Also, because there are no corners you can typically fit more people around round tables as well. Round pedestal tables are even better for small spaces because their bases don’t take up precious leg room.

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