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Create The Perfect Ambiance With These Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Choosing the right lighting is essential to making your bedroom a warm and inviting space. Shopping for bedroom lights can be tricky because the space requires many different kinds of light. Dressing areas and closets call for directional or task lighting, soft diffused lighting is ideal for sitting areas or dressers, and reading lights or lamps are best for bedside lighting. If you do take the time to carefully layer many different types of lights in your bedroom, you can effectively illuminate your space and create a positive ambiance. To help you make a thorough shopping list, we’ve complied a list of bedroom lighting ideas that are essential to your space.

Bedside Lamps & Reading Lights

Whether you need light or late night reading or conversation, bedside lighting helps you easily access light within arms reach. Placing a lamp on each nightstand flanking your bed is a great way to create symmetry in your bedroom. For more flexibility, look towards portable reading lights or reading specific lamps which offer adjustable features like swiveling.

Floor Lamps

If you’re lucky to have a bedroom large enough to accommodate a sitting area or a reading nook, give this space proper lighting with floor lamps. Floor lamps can offer a warm glow, bringing an inviting ambiance to this space. Even if you don’t have a sitting area in your bedroom, utilizing lamps is a much better alternative to overhead lighting. Soft lighting from lamps is much easier on the eyes than direct overhead lights you’ll tend to look up at while lying in bed.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

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Dresser Lamps & Vanity Lights

Placing lamps on your dresser or lights above a vanity can help provide focused task lighting, making your day-to-day tasks easier. Having the proper lighting when you’re getting dressed or applying make-up can make your daily routine go much smoother. Since ambiance is crucial in the bedroom, consider installing dimmer on these lamps or vanity lights to help soften the mood when necessary.

Closet Lighting

Though often forgotten and overlooked when it comes to brainstorming bedroom lighting ideas, closets need proper lighting too. Fluorescent lights are perfect for closets because they can save energy and can easily be concealed. Track lighting works wonderfully in conjunction with ceiling lights in walk-in closets. When hanging ceiling lights, make sure to keep the bulb or fixture at least a foot away from clothing or shelves.