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Lighting Ideas For Your Vanity & Bathroom

Of all the places in a home where you can place lighting fixtures, bathrooms are usually the most overlooked. Traditional bathroom fixtures are often a tad bland, so taking the time to incorporate interesting fixtures can do wonders for any bathroom. Because bathrooms are smaller than other rooms in your home, decor and lighting can make a huge difference on the overall ambiance of your space. With a mixture of chandeliers, wall sconces, and decorative vanity lighting you can turn your bathroom into a well-designed room in no time. To help with your creative process, we’ve compiled our best bathroom lighting ideas to help you find the perfect fixtures for your space.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas: Livex Lighting Chandelier

    • Chandeliers
    • Though bathrooms probably aren’t the first place you’d think to hang a chandelier, they are a great decorative fixture to add to any bathroom, large or small. Instantly adding an air of sophistication and glamour, bathroom chandeliers can wow guests, relatives, and friends. While grand size chandeliers are too large for most bathrooms, mini chandeliers are perfect for small half baths and standard size chandeliers are perfect for larger bathrooms. We also love the idea of hanging a chandelier over a stand-alone claw foot tub. Instantly elegant!
  • Pro Tip: If you don’t have a bath tub, chandeliers can proudly be displayed in the middle of your space. Just be sure to hang them at least seven feet off of the floor. We also love the idea of hanging two mini chandeliers on each side of your vanity mirror for a symmetrical look.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas: Vaxcel Mission Flush Mount Light

    • Ceiling Lighting
    • Ceiling lighting has always been the most popular style for bathrooms and powder rooms. Proper lighting is essential for bathrooms to help make everyday tasks easier like hair styling and shaving. From recessed lighting to flush mount lighting to semi-flush mount lighting, there are many different styles of ceiling lighting to help brighten up your space. One of our favorite bathroom lighting ideas is to match the finish color of your fixture with your sink hardware. This little added touch instantly makes your space look cohesive and expertly designed.
  • Pro Tip: An easy trick to find the ideal size for your fixture is to add the width and length of your bathroom; the number you get is the width of the fixture’s diameter. For example, a 10-by-18 foot room would call for a light that’s 28-inches wide.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas: House of Troy Wall Sconce

    • Wall Lighting
    • In addition to ceiling lighting and chandeliers, wall lighting is a great way to layer light in your bathroom (which is one of our favorite bathroom lighting ideas!). Wall sconces offer decorative appeal and can be used in many different ways through out your bathroom. In larger bathrooms, wall sconces can be hung in a row along the wall, or in smaller spaces a single sconce can act as mood lighting.  We also love the idea of flanking two wall sconces on either side of your bathroom mirror in lieu of overhead vanity lights.
  • Pro Tip: When installing wall sconces, remember to hang them about 60 inches off the floor. If you are hanging multiple wall lights in a row along your wall, leave roughly six to eight inches between each fixture.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas: Vanity Light

    • Vanity Lighting
    • Vanity lighting is essential to a well-light bathroom. A staple in bathroom design, vanity lights typically run horizontal above the bathroom mirror. Vanity lights can offer both ambient and task lighting depending on if the shades are pointed up or down. Lights with shades pointed down offer task lighting, properly illuminating your morning routine. While fixtures with shades pointed up add to the overall ambience of your bathroom.
  • Pro Tip: Just like with ceiling lighting, matching the finish color of your vanity light fixture to your faucet can help to make your bathroom look cohesive and expertly designed.