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The Complete Bar Stool Buying Guide

Having a bar in your kitchen or basement adds a welcoming, communal vibe to your home. There’s nothing better than having a place for friends and family to gather and enjoy a glass of wine while the group cooks dinner. A kitchen bar also provides a great informal dining option for on-the-go meals. Bars are amazing additions to any home, and the best way to compliment them is with the right bar stools. To help you choose the right stools, we’ve put together a few bar seating ideas and helpful tips to help you choose the perfect seats for your space.

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Style: Though the functionality of your bar stools is very important (we’ll get to that later), the style of your bar seating is equally important. Deciding which style of bar stool you like best will help you initially narrow down your search and then from there you can consider other functional elements of your seating. From rustic to modern to farmhouse, there are several different styles of bar stools to choose from. There are two different routes you can take when selecting your stools: choose a style that matches your kitchen directly or choose a separate style for a stunning contrast. Wooden stools can pop in a sleek and modern space, or sleek industrial stools can add an urban vibe to a farmhouse kitchen. If you do choose to purchase accent bar stools, just make sure some elements are cohesive such as the colors or the hardware. If your stools have metal elements, make sure they match the rest of your hardware in your kitchen.

Features: Once you’ve decided on a specific style of bar stool, you can start to focus on the features. Many bar stools come with adjustable features that allow you to raise your bar stools’ heights. This is great feature if you move a lot, because this adjustability will guarantee your stools will fit in any space. Another common feature is swiveling. Bar stools that can swivel allow guests to easily move in and out from their seats with out having to move the stool. Swiveling features can save your floors from rigorous wear and tear from your bar stools being scooted in and out constantly. Foot rests are another great feature that add to your stools’ level of comfort. Some bar stools also come with bar stools which can make your guests more comfortable as well. However, bar stools with arm rests will take up additional space so they aren’t ideal for smaller bar spaces. It’s always best to measure your space before starting to shop for your bar stools just to be safe.

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Height: Once you’ve measured your space, you will know exactly what size stools your bar will be able to accommodate. Most bar heights average around 40 to 42 inches high. If your bar is in this height range, you should shop for stools with a 30 inch seat height. Choosing the right size and height for your bar stools is essential to making your guests feel comfortable. Guests should be able to comfortably rest their arms on the bar, and should have enough leg room as well.

Backs: There are many bar stools that are backless, as this is a stunning, modern look in any space. However, if you want your guests to feel as comfortable as possible, bar stools with backs will generally be the best option. If you like the look of backless bar stools but still want added comfort, consider low back bar stools. Bar stools with backs provide more support and are still comfortable for guests when seated for an extended period of time.

Material: There are many different materials to choose from when it comes to bar stools from metal to wood to leather and upholstery. Whichever material you choose, the most important thing is be knowledgeable about how you can clean your stools. If you plan on entertaining frequently or have young children, it’s best to choose materials that are easily cleaned and best for high traffic areas. Upholstered fabric bar stools provided added comfort with their plush seating and can make your space feel cozy, but some styles aren’t as easily cleaned as plastic or metal stools. Leather, microfiber, and polyester are the easiest options to clean for upholstered styles, and are typically pretty stain-resistant.

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